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Areas of Practice

Probate Litigation

Our practice can guide your family through the probate process. Probate is the legal process by which a decedent's assets are distributed to heirs according to the terms of the decedent's Last Will and Florida Statutes. Florida has different types of probate proceedings, depending on the nature of the estate.

If a decedent had a will, it must be filed with the Probate Court. According to Florida law, only assets titled in the decedent's name are probated. Assets titled in the name of a trust, jointly held assets, or accounts naming a beneficiary, are not probated

Trust Litigation

We are able to handle all of the legal issues associated with estate and trust administration subsequent to death, including disclaimers, court-ordered trust reformations and obtaining private rulings from the Internal Revenue Service.

We represent professional and individual fiduciary's, assisting and guiding them through the myriad processes involved in post-death administration. Our practice will work closely with you to gather assets, value assets, ascertain and deal with creditors and beneficiaries, prepare and file tax returns (including Estate Tax Returns - Form 706).

Estate Planing

No matter the size of your estate, whether it be a simple will, a large estate with many variables, or any unique situation that requires a tax attorney’s involvement, our law office can help you. The benefit of engaging in estate planning for your Sarasota County estate or Charlotte County estate is to reduce the risk of your estate being settled by probate, which can become costly.

Estate planning can also help with maximizing the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. Estate planning also designates guardians for minor children, and beneficiaries in case of incapacity by the trustmaker or other members of the estate.

Real Estate Planning

Our practice encompasses all aspects of real estate closing law, including contract drafting, title insurance, settlement, and closing. Our clients in this field include not only home buyers and sellers, but also investors, property developers, and commercial companies. We handle a wide variety of real estate issues including:

  • closings involving both residential and commercial properties
  • title issues, title examinations, and title insurance
  • real estate investment and development
  • real estate transactions
  • real estate management
  • operation of commercial and industrial activities

We draft and negotiate building contracts, purchase and sale agreements, real estate development contracts, commercial and residential lease agreements as well as various other real estate related documents and agreements.

Corporate Law

Our law office offers representation in corporate law for the entire Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte County area. We have the knowledge to assist your business in all aspects of contract law, tax law, accounting, bankruptcy, zoning laws, and the specific law of doing business in Florida.

Just what does corporate law encompass? Corporate law focuses on five characteristics of business. These characteristics include: legal personality, limited liability, transferable shares, delegated management under a board structure, and investor ownership. A corporate lawyer is often requested for the role of ensuring the legality of commercial transactions, advising corporations on their legal rights and duties, and providing advice on the duties and responsibilities of corporate officers.

Tax Disputes and Tax Planning

The protection of your assets and income starts with a well conceived tax plan. Our law office can assist you with structuring either your personal, non-profit organization, or business with the most effective ways to reduce the overall tax liability.

While similar to estate planning in that tax planning deals with creating a specific plan of action for potential events, tax planning focuses specifically on preventing tax liability from an individual’s or corporation’s transactions and dealings. Whether it is a retirement plan, a business or real estate transaction, tour law office can help you plan your affairs to maximize tax benefits and reduce your tax liability.

Florida Civil Law Notary

Skip Berg is one of less than 130 Civil Law Notaries in the state of Florida.

A Florida Civil Law Notary is an attorney appointed by the Florida Secretary of State to issue authentic acts and thereby may authenticate or certify any document, transaction, event, condition or occurrence. The contents of an authentic act and matters incorporated therein shall be presumed to be correct. Any such authentic act is legally equivalent to the authentic acts of all civil law notaries in all jurisdictions outside the geographic borders of the United States

What is a "Florida Civil Law Notary"

A Florida Civil Law Notary has International Status and Authority. This is not to be confused with a Notary Public.

Statutory Authority

Florida Statutes Section 118 (and) Florida Administrative Code: 1C-18.001 Florida Civil Law Notary

Legal Qualifications of a Florida Civil Notary

A Florida Civil Law Notary is a Florida attorney who is a member of the Florida Bar, who has practiced law for at least five years, and who is appointed by the Secretary of State as a Civil Law Notary after completion of specialized notarial training and passage of a state-administered examination.

Authority of a Florida Civil Notary

A Florida Civil Law Notary is a trained legal processional licensed to practice law in the State of Florida, and may give legal advice and may accept fees for legal advice. A Florida Civil Law Notary exercises legal power and authority generally similar to those exercised by non-U.S. Notaries. A Florida Civil Law Notary may authenticate or certify any document, transaction, event, condition or occurrence via issuance of authentic act, the contents of which are presumed correct as a matter of law. A Florida Civil Law Notary may draft legal documents and provide legal advice to the public.

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